Our Story

Hello and welcome to Zaiwar, your ultimate destination for hypoallergenic jewelry. I'm Mubashra Ahmad, the founder of Zaiwar. My journey with jewelry has been a personal one, shaped by my struggle with allergies and sensitive skin. Growing up, the absence of nickel-free or hypoallergenic options made wearing jewelry a painful experience.

As someone with a love for jewelry but limited choices, especially in schools where real jewelry wasn't allowed, I developed a love-hate relationship with it. My mission with Zaiwar emerged from this personal challenge. When I ventured into entrepreneurship, my singular goal was to offer high-quality, environmentally friendly gold/rhodium plated hypoallergenic jewelry.

Zaiwar is born out of the desire to provide everyone the joy of wearing beautiful jewelry with ease, comfort, and affordability. No more compromises. Your journey to enjoying exquisite jewelry without breaking the bank begins here at Zaiwar.