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Two In One Gold Ring

Two In One Gold Ring

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Size chart

  • Plating: 14K Gold: Luxurious and enduring, our jewelry boasts a thick layer of 14K gold plating, offering timeless elegance and durability.

  • Nickel, Lead, and Cadmium-Free Copper: Crafted with environmental consciousness in mind, our jewelry is free from harmful metals, making it safe for both you and the planet.

  • Hypoallergenic: Designed for sensitive skin, our pieces eliminate the worry of allergic reactions, allowing you to wear them with comfort and confidence.

  • 18K Gold Plated: Each item is meticulously coated with 18K gold for a radiant and opulent finish, ensuring you stand out with style wherever you go.

  • Tarnish-Free: Bid farewell to tarnished jewelry woes! Our pieces are treated to resist tarnishing, maintaining their exquisite shine for years to come.

  • Water Resistant: From unexpected rain showers to beach outings, our jewelry remains unblemished and brilliant, promising worry-free wear in any weather.

  • Stunning Cubic Zircon Stones: Adorned with dazzling cubic zirconia stones, our collection exudes sophistication and glamour, adding a touch of sparkle to every ensemble.

Available in Two Mesmerizing Color Combinations:

  1. White and Blue: Embrace the serene beauty of white and blue hues, reminiscent of tranquil waters and endless skies.

  2. White and Amethyst: Revel in the enchanting allure of white and amethyst tones, radiating elegance and charm with every glance.

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