Gold Plated Jewelry How to take care your jewelry so jewelry keeps the color and shine longer tips to take care of jewelry

How To Care Of Gold Plated Jewelry To Enjoy It Longer


Fashion Jewelry is a geat way to accessorize any outfit but it does require some care to keep it looking it's best. Here are some tips on how to care for your fashion jewelry 

1-Avoid Contact with Water: Although our jewelry is water-resistant,  better to avoid getting it wet. when you shower, swim, exercise or in any water activities remove your jewelry. keep it away from perfume and harsh chemicals Moisture can cause the gold or rhodium plating to wear off.

2-Keep It Clean: Over the period dirt, sweat and other substant cause the jewelry tarnish. Clean it with soft micro cloths after taking it off to remove any residue.

3-Store It Properly: Store the jewelry in the jewelry box or pouch, away from perfume, moist and direct sunlight

4-Handle With Care: Handle the jewelry with care, be gentle, avoid tugging, pulling stretching and hitting it or falling on a hard surface as it can cause the damage to your jewelry.

we also recommended to wear your jewelry at the very end after you get ready dress, hair, makeup, perfume and than jewelry, take off jewelry the first thing and don't go to bed with your jewelry on.

By Following these few tips you can make sure that your gold plated or rhodium plated, water-resistant and hypoallergenic jewelry stay beautiful and shiny for years to come 



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