Here are few frequently asked questions at zaiwar.com



1-What is gold plated jewelry?



gold plated jewelry is not made of gold, the layer of gold applied to the surface of another material. Our jewelry is made of high quality environmentally friendly Brass, Copper and 925 Sterling Silver and is always plated with Gold or Rhodium



2-How long does gold plated jewelry last?



well, it depends upon few factors like how often it is worn, how well it is cared for. What is the ph. level of the skin, how much it has contacted with water, perfume, chemicals so it can be varied from few months to up to few years read our blog how to take care of the jewelry to keep your jewelry shinny for longer



3-Can I shower or swim with gold plated jewelry?



although our jewelry is water resistant and it won't tarnish with few showers but we don't recommend taking shower, bath or swim while you are wearing your beautiful jewelry as end of the day gold plated jewelry is not made of solid gold so it does not mater how thick and well made the layer of gold is, the layer of gold wear out rather faster if keep wearing when in contact with water but last much longer if avoid water and taken care of properly 



4-Is the jewelry hypoallergenic?



yes our jewelry is hypoallergenic it is made of environmental friendly material and dose not contain any of the general allergen but please keep in mind although our jewelry is nickel free but it is made in a factory which also make products containing nickel so use it on your own risk. 



5-what's the address of the store?



Zaiwar is an online store, if you wish to buy in person, please check out our up coming exhibition we do participate in lots of exhibition in GTA. 



6-Do you offer free shipping and no tax?



we do offer free standard shipping within Canada and USA although we don't charge tax on our website but customer from USA might get charged tax and duties by USA authorities. if you need us to provide tracking number than it cost $10 all the prices on our website are in Canadian dollars



ÔĽŅFor any further inquiries you can reach us via text message, WhatsApp message or call us +1 647 524 7732